Kuala Lumpur, 1st August 2018- Etiqa, a well known local insurance provider launched a video-assisted claim service called E-Cleva. E-Cleva has been designed to allow Etiqa’s Claims Consultants to interact with a claimant directly and remotely via an audio-video call (which is only available Monday -Friday, 8.45am to 5.45pm). Through these features, any damages to a claimant’s windscreen, vehicle or property can be accessed and approved by Etiqa in just a matter of minutes.

The video function enables the consultants to assess the damage to the claimant’s windscreen or vehicle in detail. While using E-Cleava, claimant’s smartphone camera, flashlight, as well as the gallery will be accessible by the Consultant but it was ensured that the access is limited to only zooming and viewing the pictures taken through E-Cleava (your gallery privacy is safe). Once the damage is accessed, the Consultant can immediately calculate the cost of repair and disburse the funds to the claimant. All this is done remotely and the process will take up to 30 minutes (from the early start of the call until the disbursement of money).

The claimant has to be the first holder of the vehicle. If the owner is not at the scene, the immediate driver could make the call but the money will be disbursed to the primary owner of the vehicle. E-Cleva has a different policy for vehicle damage and windscreen damage but for each, the claim could only be done once. Meaning if the windscreen is damaged and has been fixed through E-Cleava claim and unfortunately the windscreen is damaged in the same year, E-Cleava will not be applicable anymore. The claimant has to go through the normal damage claim process which will take about 8 days.

Etiqa has about 43 assigned workshops called EPAR (Etiqa Panel Repairer) nationwide. Some of these are established especially for luxury cars and they are called the Premier EPAR. Etiqa ensures that all form of cars will get the service it deserves. Before E-Cleava disburses the money, the Consultant will recommend the nearest and the best workshop to bring your vehicle to. The benefits of using the suggested panel workshop are that the money disbursed will be sufficient (or 100% claimable) to fix the damage and if the vehicle is still under warranty, the claimant would be able to use it. Of course, we all have our own preferred workshops that may not be in Etiqa’s list of panels. In this case, the claimant can still bring the car to their desired workshop and the money will be disbursed accordingly depending on the damage but please be noted that the vehicle warranty will not be used if the vehicle is not brought to the suggested workshop.

Etiqa stresses that the E-Cleva is established for minor and straightforward damages (involving own party) only. If the claimant has been in an accident where another party is involved, Etiqa will be dealing it another way. Overall, for bumps and scratches, for cracks and broken parts, E-Cleva would be an ideal way for a brisk claiming process. For more information on E-Cleva claims, visit http://www.etiqa.com.my/FastandEasy.