Puchong, Selangor, 16 May 2018- Mercedes-Benz Services Malaysia (MBSM) Sdn Bhd introduces AgilityPlus, limitless automotive financing options. This end-to-end solution by MBSM now gives new customers greater freedom to customise a package that best finances, protects and maintains their prized Mercedes-Benz vehicle.

“Our passion is in enabling the lifestyle of our customers. To do that, Mercedes-Benz Services Malaysia is breaking the barriers of conventional financing. The strategy behind our growing portfolio of over RM2.3 billion is first understanding our customers and what they need. AgilityPlus is perfectly tailored for the individual who seeks value, unrivaled benefits and of course, peace of mind,” said Mercedes-Benz Services Malaysia, Managing Director, Mike Ponnaz.

AgilityPlus offers customers the benefits of its signature Agility Financing Plan, namely its flexible end of agreement options to settle or extend their contracts or return their Mercedes-Benz vehicles. The Guaranteed Future Value is another key feature which protects customers against depreciation while enjoying lower monthly installments.

Complementing these signature features, AgilityPlus offers customers the freedom to choose one, or a combination of add-ons, comprising the Mercedes-Benz Comprehensive Motor Insurance, Tyre and Rim Insurance, Return to Invoice (RTI) Insurance as well as the Mercedes-Benz Service Package (Compact or Compact Plus).

“Customers enjoy greater cash flow flexibility with AgilityPlus because payments are structured into installments. We designed the package to replace the lump-sum payment requirement so customers can now enjoy savings with upfront purchases. With the inclusion of the Mercedes-Benz Service Package, customers are assured their Mercedes-Benz vehicles are cared for by trained and experienced technicians, equipped with the latest diagnostic tools and guaranteed use of genuine parts. Our presence at touch-points throughout our extensive network further guarantees convenience for our customers nationwide,” explained Ponnaz.

This package offers the freedom to adjust the tenure of each financing and insurance solution. The tenure options for Agility Financing, RTI and Mercedes-Benz Service Package (Compact) is between one to five years, while the tenure for Comprehensive Motor Insurance and Tyre and Rim is one year (renewal basis). The Mercedes-Benz Service Package (Compact Plus) is a one-off add-on.