Pantai Bharu Corporation Sdn Bhd, the official operator of Proton, has opened a new Proton 3S (sales, service and spare parts) outlet in Jalan Kapar, Klang. This centre brings together different services (offered by this company) which were located in different places in one strategic site.

The centre consists of a spacious showroom for the display of Proton models along with an adjacent service centre with 12 service bays. The spacious centre consists of 70 parking bays so customers need not worry about finding a parking space in the hustle and bustle of Klang main road.

Other facilities include:

    • 3 delivery bays for customers to receive their brand new vehicles comfortably
    • Waiting areas with amenities that include free wifi
    • Children play area

“In order to succeed, we need to move with times and stay relevant. The market is fluid, what works today, may not work tomorrow. So the intention to relocate to a new area to provide a better customer experience is inevitable. The new area will provide convenience to customers as a one-stop centre for sales, service and spare parts,” said Dato’ Shamshudin Nor, the owner of Pantai Bharu.

“We are positive that with the new and fresh looking façade, better lighting and ambiance for interior and exterior, we will be able to attract more customers to our showroom, hence this will definitely push our sales and service level upwards. We foresee a 100% increase in sales and service with the inception of this outlet upgrade,” he added.

This is considered an urgent development as to prepare the introduction of the company’s first SUV later in 2018. In line with the new model, Proton aims to give customers a much better experience in all aspects.

The carmaker said that by the end of June, 87 outlets were ready for the upgrade to 3S and 4S status.

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