Designed to challenge the Proton X50?

Kia has just refreshed the 2020 Sportageand they are ready to challenge the fastest growing segment, the crossover.This segment today, especially in ASIA where older buyers as well and younger buyers are looking at hatchback derived vehicles that have a higher standing stance almost like a SUV. Or compact SUV.

The rise in demand for the Honda HR-V,Mazda CX-3 and Subaru XV for example have shown this changing trend and the soon to arrive Proton X50. This is probably why Kia has looked at how even the luxury brands like Mercedes, BMW and more recently Porsche to start selling crossovers that is targeting performance sedan buyers who look at high riding coupes.

Here is a new rendering from our friends that gives us a peek at the possibility of a brand new Kia crossoverand it does look very stylish and will surely be a best seller once launched.