OH YES! Lexus has been teasing concepts and testing prototypes all year long and now they’ve finally revealed a production-ready LC 500 Convertible. And boy have they nailed it!

The car was shown at the LA Motor Show 2019 and will go on sale in Q3 2020.

Under the hood, the LC 500 Convertible is pretty similar to the Coupe. But removing that roof takes a lot of re engineering. Here’s what they’ve done.

  • Retention of aerodynamic performance and weight distribution
  • The line of the rear trunk lid has been lifted and widened
  • The automatic roof folding mechanism stores the top under an integrated tonneau cover.

Beltline that kicks up at the end of the doors, so the body wraps around the cabin

  • The 4-layer soft top with the same roofline of the coupe
  • Supporting frame is not visible through the fabric of the soft top
  • The fabric has optimal tension and no wrinkling, with good sound insulation.
  • A large colour palette for the exterior and the soft top

  • Gradating quilting and perforation pattern on the upper portion of the seats, as well as the “L” logo embossed on the back of headrests.
  • Movement of the retractable soft top is carefully controlled especially at the beginning and end to yield a sense of quality and safety for the driver.

  • The roof can be opened or closed up while driving up to 50 km/h
  • The body structure is as rigid as the Coupe
  • Strategic placement and shape of the rear suspension tower brace
  • The car’s structural rigidity has been significantly enhanced

  • The brace is composed of lightweight die cast aluminum to minimize added weight, and a “PERFORMANCE DAMPER®*2” is adopted for high-quality ride comfort.
  • Other braces are located under the body, and materials such as magnesium and aluminum