Please have your kids seating at the back in a child seat and they must be buckled in with a seat belt and at least a booster seat.

We know you have to drive 10-14 hours a day average to earn enough money to pay for your airport limo license so that the management who owns the concession can have a great profit while you drive up and down the highway ferrying passengers everyday.

There are 2 kids in the front passenger seat and both with NO seat belt on

We know you need to be healthy everyday to drive because there are no health benefits for you and your family. So if you are sick, you can’t drive and you can’t earn money to feed your kids.

We know the first few trips (3-4) every day goes to the Airport Limo concession owners who sit back and wait for your hard earned money. Only after driving a few trips, which can take between 3-4 hours then only you start earning your money for the day and still you have to think about fuel (gas) and your food for the day.

We know it hard work with little rewards with ride hailing companies like GRAB, EzCAB and MyCar are taking away more and more passengers with lower prices and better value to passengers.

We know the cost to maintain your ageing Proton Wira is getting more expensive by the month and you can’t earn enough to save up for a new car.

We know all the above has you worried and missing your kids growing up as you spend more time on the road, but you cannot have them sitting in the front seat without a seat belt and even worse you have 2 of them sitting together in the front seat.

You may be the best and most cautious driver ever, but on the road you need to worry about the other driver. What if a truck hits you from behind and the force pushes your kids forward and the airbag deploys on their face and with two of them sitting together they could hit their heads and be even more injured or worse.

There are many parents like this and when you caution them they get angry with you

What if a car hits you on the left side and both your kids get thrown against the dashboard, gear lever and steering wheel?The injuries could be really bad and even worse fatal for them.

We don’t want to get you into trouble, we just want you and other drivers and parents like you to realize the dangers in having your kids in the front seat without a booster seat and even worse,without a seat belt on.