We are quite sure the road contractor is working with the tyre and rim shops in the area to make some good money from dented alloy wheels and damaged tyres.

About a month ago there was some heavy road works right in front of the Renault showroom in Petaling Jaya, next to Plaza 33. The contractor resurfaced the road after that with little effort. The MBPJ officer assigned to the project obviously gave the green-light to the work done and then last Saturday (the 15th) really early in the morning as we drove along this frequented road our car hit this wide and deep pothole. We were lucky as we did not hit it right smack centre but the car behind us did and we could hear the wheel and suspension of his car feeling the pain.

Now, 6 days later (20th) we are still seeing this gaping hole and wondering how many drivers have been hitting this hole and losing money daily on dented alloy wheels, damaged tyres, tyre alignment and probably damaged suspensions.

Meanwhile, the road contractor is not being hauled up by MBPJ to rectify his wonderful handiwork.

This is the location of the pothole…..so please be careful when driving in front of Plaza 33