The new Renault ZOE promises to be better in every way compared to the original. And now it looks like it’ll also be ‘greener’ than the previous car too, thanks to fully recycled textiles that are being used in the car.

2019 – Projet “àfiler” – Partenaire Les Filatures du Parc

The ZOE will feature these new unique textiles produced by Adient Fabrics. They’re made of old safety belts, textile scrap and polyester fibres derived from PET plastic bottles. Areas of the interior covered include:

  • seat covers
  • dashboard coverings
  • gear lever brackets
  • door fittings

Besides being made from recycled materials, the material also requires no chemical or thermal processes to be created. That means 60% fewer CO2 emissions associated with its production compared to standard fabrics used in the previous ZOE.