Yes, this is a special offer for a limited time only. Motor Image who is the brand guardian of Subaru in Malaysia is offering a healthy RM5,000 trade-in assist for a brand new Subaru Forester SUV worth RM121,288 which comes with All Wheel Drive technology.

So, what is All Wheel Drive? All-wheel drive sends power to all wheels of the vehicle in a similar fashion to four-wheel drive vehicles, but a 2WD switch is typically not present. On a slippery road, AWD locks the vehicle’s axles and automatically feeds power to all wheels.

Most AWD vehicles are great for slippery roadway conditions, but are not intended for rugged off-road excursions. Certain AWD vehicles such as the Subaru Forester do offer a low-gear AWD setting that allows for tougher roads, however. In general, AWD doesn’t add much weight to a car and is great for all weather situations like we are having this last week in Klang Valley.

The Subaru Forester features:

  1. X-Mode – For optimised control of the engine, Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive (S-AWD) and brakes to safely drive over almost any type of terrain
  2. Enhanced suspension for maximum comfort and handling performance
  3. Added safety features such as Steering Responsive Headlights
  4. Improved exterior features
  5. Brand new grille, taillights and rims
  6. Improved interior features
  7. Refreshed cabin design, a premium head-unit and a LCD Cluster display

The Forester is powered by a 2.0L, 4-Cylinder, 16-Valve, FB20 Boxer Engine that produces 150PS at 6,200 rpm.