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Things are getting a bit mellow out there. Calendars marked with less session, lack of phones blaring at you, you’re probably sitting in your office reading this while wondering “why don’t we have much on the plate lately”? That’s because we are approaching the end of 2017, where planning reduces to concluding. With that in mind, we have decided to reminisce about cars that sparked up with the most fuel efficient benefits.

With our current economic state, fuelling up has become a mundane problem (let’s not even go to the weekly fuel price changes). Despite the alternative medium for transportation, personal car owners would know that nothing beats driving your own sweet ride.

Here are top 5 cars listed by MyMotor for its fuel-efficiency based on its litre per kilometer.

1. KIA NIRO 1.6L

There’s no need for an intro for this car since, from the very first day of its launching, this car screamed fuel economy. This small crossover is powered by a four-cylinder engine and utilises the Atkinson combustion. Simply put, it saves fuel at a small cost of maximum power. It’s a small price paid for a thicker wallet. This baby could hit 26.3km/L or 3.8L/100km and it’s definitely fuel worthy.


This is a relatively spacious car that can fit almost any family with ample legroom and excellent safety features. But those are not the only highlights of this car. The Nissan Almera boasts a high fuel efficient engine with low-emission ratings. It brings you to a distance of 15.87km per litre and 100km for 6.3L. That is definitely a sweet deal if you ask us.


HONDA! A brand that thrives to outdo its rivals from every aspect. That means constant innovation and improvements. The new Honda City is a naturally-aspirated i-VTEC four-cylinder which has a fuel consumption of 5.7L/100km. Though it is not as prominent as the Niro, this ride provides both speed and fuel efficiency so it’s a bargain made by those who want the best of both worlds.


Let’s go local for a bit. Bezza is Perodua’s first-ever sedan car, an extended version of Axia’s platform. This car is a head turner for several reasons; it’s incredibly low price, great space utilisation, well-equipped and most definitely its great fuel efficiency. Bezza could hit a 16km/L, higher than Almera, and way cheaper in total compared to most sedans with this fuel capacity. It is indeed value for money!


We saved the best for last. Appearing as a direct contender to Toyota Prius, Hyundai Ioniq is powered by a 1.6-liter Kappa, four-cylinder Atkinson-cycle engine. Again, speed ain’t a forte for this hybrid vehicle but wait till you hear about its insanely low fuel consumption. With this electric-gas powered ride, you can easily hit 20.2KM/L (4.95L/100KM). Think about all the money you could be saving. This is definitely a true cost-efficient dream car.