All that glitters are not gold. This is especially true when it comes to a used/reconditioned vehicle. What you see is what you believe, but the question is, are you looking in the right place? Here are 5 must-knows about vehicles that you need pay attention.

Manufacturing dates

With technology at its best, faking a document is not so hard. Dealers could easily change the manufactured year of the cars in hand, moving it closer to-date, selling it to the current market price. So should you just opt for a new car from a well know dealer? Not necessarily. In this case, if you know where to look, you could save yourself a couple of thousands. Each car manufacturer has their own style of placing their manufactured year. For example, Toyota cars will display the manufactured year at the back seat of the driver or on the seat belt strip. But often people will always look past it. So the next time you or anyone you know are planning to buy a used car, make sure they know this trick.

Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)

Profoundly known as the chassis number, this element is basically your car’s fingerprint. Which means it can’t be duplicated nor replaced. Always ensure the chassis number at car grant and the one printed on the car’s body is the same. Again, this falls to where to look. Most chassis number would be print at the corner of the dashboard where it meets the windshield on the driver’s side. If you still can spot it, ask the salesman for assistance.

Maintenance Schedule

Don’t get a car when there’s no proper affirmation on its servicing details. Vehicles that have missed its maintenance schedules will only mean trouble for you. Not to mention the cost you will be spending trying to fix it. So, when buying a used car, ask the dealers for its servicing details and if they can’t provide one, find one that could.

Tire Pressure

Yup, you got to check those tires. Okay, on a serious note, the tires are equally important as the vehicle’s maintaining schedule. New or used, vehicles with low-pressure tires will make them wear out quickly. This is costly, not to mention dangerous, as it could slip on wet roads or weigh your car down more than it should. It doesn’t take an automobile pro to figure out the tire pressure but if you’re unsure on how to do so, get someone to check it for you.

Engine Light

And it comes down to the all-time favourite, engine lights! The mother of all problems (with a vehicle) can be spotted on your dashboard. It doesn’t matter new or used, when the engine light turns on, it means something is off. Pay attention from the minute you start the car up till the lights go off (if the lights go off). If a sign lingers longer than it should, it is probably best to move on to a different car.

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