If you thought high school was challenging, wait till you enroll in college. Things can get a little bit hectic and suddenly, it’s the first day of school all over again. New environment, new culture, new rules, the current trends to keep up and etc. One thing that we have noticed as a popular tendency among millennials is that almost all of them has their own mode of transportation by the time they’re in college. Some receive as a gift for entering the first phase of adulthood, some for easier traveling from home to college, some for job purposes (we all know public transport in Malaysia is undependable). Be it whatever, this is a fast becoming trend and necessity among them. So we have narrowed down some affordable choices with average cost and why it will be a good college-car.


Let’s start off with our local brands. It’s a no-brainer that local brands with similar specs as foreign cars cost way less. With current technology and advancement in the automobile industry, local cars don’t fall far behind from your favourite Germany or Japanese brands.


Let’s begin with our pride and glory, PERODUA MYVI. Top seller for 8 consecutive years from 2006 till 2013, this b-segment hatchback is a favourite choice for college students. Available in both 1.3L and 1.5L, the price range for this car goes from RM 44k to almost RM 55k. Additional features cost more but this is a safe price range to fix when shopping for a MYVI. Plus, MYVI requires minimum maintenance with 5 years warranty, and even when it goes through major services, you’re looking at a RM 500 budget. This is the most convenient ride if you ask us.


AXIA is a mixture of compact, comfort with affordability in mind. Speed ain’t a forte for this vehicle, but for a 1.0L with a starting price as low as RM 24K, we would think one would sacrifice speed. It is the successor of VIVA with better and improved inside and out. This is really the most economical car for students. It doesn’t cost much when comes to maintenance plus, its very fuel efficient. So students, driving this car around will not hurt your wallet.


Malaysia’s very first automobile brand, the proud PROTON is also on our list and we decided to set with SAGA. This A-segment sedan is more spacious than the first two cars suggested above and affordable nonetheless. The latest SAGA is based on the outgoing SAGA FLX platform and is powered by the 1.3-litre VVT engine. The starting price for SAGA is about RM 35K (lower than MYVI), of course, keep in mind that it varies from spec-to-spec which could lead up to RM 44K in total. But for a sedan, with space and momentum, this is indeed the lowest we could suggest.


PERODUA’s very own, very first sedan turned heads when it was first launched for several reasons. One, its spacious and we mean enough legroom for a 180cm tall person with ample headroom as well. Two, its fuel efficiency is a turn on. Three, its safety features are impeccable. Four, it’s just amazing! Starting at RM 36K for a 1.0L to RM 49K for a 1.3L, this is (in our opinion) the best car to be owned for it is not only wallet-friendly but also easy on the eye (like have you seen their colours and shape). Stylish ride, fuel efficient, awesome interiors, what more could we ask for, right?


While local cars provide us with low maintenance and thicker wallet, we can’t deny that students seem to have a preference towards foreign cars. Maybe the exotic feeling of these cars are exhilarating, but keep in mind that these cars are way pricier than local made (it’s a no-brainer actually) and if something were to go wrong, the service and maintenance fee will drain your wallet. If you’re prepared for this and could afford to fix any casualties, then we have few good choices you could select from.


This is the third generation of the KIA family, an upgrade from hatchback to sedan. From the day of its launching, this car took the name for its advanced comfort and smooth ride (power delivery from KIA’s 1.4-litre Gamma DOHC CVVT engine is smooth, via the four-speed automatic transmission). This car would roughly cost about RM72K (minimum) but it is definitely worth every penny of yours. Now, you don’t get push-start ignition, powered seats, reverse camera, a touchscreen display, automatic air-conditioning or rear air-conditioning vents. What you DO get for a 72K are important safety features like six airbags, electronic stability control (ESC), all-round disc brakes, hill assist control (HAC) and a tire pressure monitoring system. That’s a good feature to bargain for since half of you would have just received your license, this car is the ‘extra’ caution you need.


Not a looker, we know. But hear us out okay. This car is a reliability and you would be surprised that Honda had the young generation in mind while making this car. Don’t let its somewhat small look fool you. The inside of JAZZ is spacious with ample room and has a wide cabin view (better than MYVI) for a longer vision. This car is also known for its fuel efficiency, hitting 4.8L/ 100km along with its advanced safety and speeding features. JAZZ 1.5L cost about RM72K to RM78K, depending on various factors, but it will be worth your money.


Are you a gentle driver? Are stylish and elegance your forte? Maybe you would like to add comfort to these features? Well, NISSAN ALMERA 1.5L is made for you then. This car is super fuel efficient, beauty on the outside and in and has an undeniable comfort level. It sells at about RM62K to RM82K, depending on auto or manual transmission and other added features.


Where do I start with this car? Maybe it’s stability? Maybe it’s sharp edgy look? Maybe the ride and how comfortable it is? Now personally, I think this car knows its owner and performs accordingly (I know, I’m insane). This is a car I used during my college days and let me tell you, it’s AMAZING! It’s extremely fuel efficient, takes the curbs like it owns it, speeds up when necessary and the wheel moves accordingly in your hands (I was also a sucker for their cup holder). Maintenance for VIOS 1.5L is expensive, there’s no hiding that, but rarely you’ll find things going south with this car (if you’re an attentive driver). Its price can go as low as RM74K to as high as RM 93.5K so if I were you, I’ll start working on my grades now.


Honda, the power of dreams!

It is a dream car alright. After many facelifts, constant upgrades, Honda is always a step ahead of other brands. We feel HONDA CITY 1.5L will be the best choice for students among others based on its stability, fuel efficiency and overall handsome figure. Cruising down the road in this baby, you’ll realise how quiet and smooth it is. Safety features come with multiple airbags (in advance versions), ABS with EBD and brake assist, ISOFIX rear child seat anchors, Vehicle Stability Control, Hill Start Assist and Emergency Stop Signal. The prices vary from spec-to-spec so it is safe to set a range of RM 76K to RM 90K. The maintenance for this car is quite pricey but if you could afford it, this could be an amazing car for you.


Keep in mind that though owning a super advance car will be ‘cool’, monthly payments or the maintaining part, later on, will come back as a burden to you. With the already busy college life ahead of you, think if investing your money (or your parent’s) on this would be a smart choice.

If you could afford it and maintain it, this is the best choices of cars to make.