From their very first feeding bottle to their very first school bag, parents ensure to give their kids their best. The pressure of being the perfect parent often leads them to spend tones of money. Yet, parents, we know that means nothing to you as long as you get to see the smile on your child’s face. But as they grow, their needs and wants becomes expensive as well. Till one day they would want a car for traveling purposes with all their logical reasons and facts and you just can’t seem to ignore or look past it. But a brand new car is just way off your budget, so you settle for a used car.

This is where we would like to help you out. Before you start visiting different car dealers near your place, there are few steps parents should follow.

1. Know the Market Value

Once you decided that you want to purchase a used car, it is advisable that you do some research on the current market value of these cars. Let’s say you have a 5 years old Toyota Vios in your mind. You could visit sites like or to check out the average price offered for this car before you visit your dealer. This way, you’ll be prepared (budget wise) and rebut in case you were offered an unnecessarily high price.

2. Carry out your own inspection

So you have met the dealer and after list and list of cars you have seen through, you have decided on one. Inspect this car thoroughly. Look around it, above it, under it, in between (literally anywhere and everywhere). Bombard your dealer with questions, even if the issue seems minor or non-existence. For example, why there’s a dent on the front grill of the car? Was it caused by an accident? Did it cause any damage to the engines? Was anything replaced by this light mishap? Were the replaced parts of the same company/brand as before? How much mileage has this car traveled? Is it too old? Will its safety features still function 100% after all this time? Question everything. Your kid would be driving this car(if everything goes right) so you wouldn’t want to risk anything.

3. Take it for a spin

Request a test drive. Though some dealers would suggest a short drive within their premises, I would suggest a bit of a ride with your chosen car. Make sure there are traffic lights and bumpers on this road. The reason behind this is that some cars, with slight engine mishaps, would seem fine when you have your foot down on the accelerator. It’s when you stop at a traffic light or slow down for bumpers when they start shaking or shut down altogether. It could be a small fix and the dealer might have looked past it but this is not what you’re paying for. So take it for a spin, and I mean a solid, long, bumper filled drive. While you’re at it, look out for weird sounds, smoke emission, break strength and the shifting of the car.

4. Get a third party involved

So you have done your part. But there’ still some doubts and you just can’t seem to put your hands on it. Get a trusted friend, car professional or a mechanic involved. These people should have impeccable knowledge of cars (in and out) so that they could spot out if anything amiss. Sometimes what seems normal to you may seem off for a mechanic. What’s good is that he/she would know what’s causing this and if it’s worth the money you’re paying for. At MyMotor, we send our car professional out to inspect these cars before calling the customers for viewing. This is to ensure that when we introduce the used car to you, we know the in and out of that car and advise you on the worthiness of your purchase.

5. Negotiate

This is the last step before you close the deal. Negotiate the price. This is a no-brainer actually and something we Malaysia quite good at. We bargain everything. It’s worth a shot in this matter (used car) as well. Try to get the best price for your car. Maybe there are few additional features offered by the dealer your kid could do without? Think about it.

A used car not necessarily mean a low performing vehicle. There are plenty of used cars out there that could function just as well as the new ones (you just need to know where and how to get them) Follow these steps or better yet, get in touch with our MyMotor team to advise you on purchasing a used car.