Bugatti Centodieci. Real Car Or Concept?

This has just started circulating the internet and It is still unclear whether this Centodieci will be a production car or just a concept. It is clear that if it is a series model, it will be produced in a very small quantity.

A design work of art in honour of the EB 110 Super Sport

Centodieci promises 420km/h and takes 2.4 seconds to reach 100km/h

From these first images we can see that theCentodieci pays tribute to the famous EB110 launched in 1991, when the brandcelebrated the 110th anniversary of the birth of Ettore Bugatti.

The mystery remains as to the mechanicsthat will hide under the hood. We think it will probably be the W16 8-liters powerplantfrom the Chiron with a possible 1500hp ready to be delivered to its driver.