The VW Golf Mk8 is coming very soon.

When the Volkswagen Golf Mk5 was about to be previewed to the global media, we were invited by Volkswagen Malaysia to get first ‘taste’ of this ground-breaking Golf.

Yes, they used the term ground-breaking as this VW Golf was going to surpass the Golf Mk4 which had been the best selling Golf at the time for the company.

The Golf Mk5 was designed to break all existing records. It was stronger, better and designed to be more sought after than ever. With the Mk5 VW Golf GTI at its best, Volkswagen was offering a Golf not with just sporty intentions, it was to be a GTI with a character of a true sports hatch for an older generation of sports car lovers who needed family space. This Golf GTI was over-engineered for its time. This new model had a striking design, an engine that delivered 200 PS with powerful propulsion in low rev ranges (280 Newton meters of torque from just 1,800 rpm), had a growling engine sound and a chassis that kept it on track without electronic gimmicks.

We were sold on it and so when it arrived in Malaysia we took ownership of a Golf Mk5 GTi until today. A true drivers machine and we bought a 6-speed manual version of this car.

Now comes the Golf Mk8 and it is rumoured to be the next engineered Golf brimming with technology and features which we have already seen in the new Audi’s and Porsche’s. All part of the VW Group.

So, should we trade-in our trusty Golf Mk5 for this all new Golf Mk8? We will have to wait and see what the test drive delivers.