Our MyMotor team is made up of various people from a different spectrum of life. Be it from servicing, inspection, sales or media department, the longer you’re in the field, the more unexpected scenario you would have come across. I sat down with some of our most seasoned motoring experts to gather up their bizarre yet hilarious experience.


According to our Inspection Officer Vason, owners with underlying problem in their car will try to play it cool but unfortunately overdo it. “That’s the first sign. When the owner says ‘All good, bang’ multiple times, that’s when you know there are underlying problems with the car,” says Vason. One of his not so fond memories was when a customer tried to sell off his flood-drowned car. “The interior was spotless. I would have missed it if not for the owner’s persistence in pointing out how clean it was (SMH). Mind you, there’s not even a single spec of rust anywhere. But as he was hovering constantly, I knew there’s something I’m missing. I went with my gut feeling and inspected the seat belts for mud marks and voila, there it was! Guess he missed a spot”.


This is a good one. Our General Manager, Mr. Edward has been in the automobile industry for more than 20 years. But one memory he’s still stuck up on till now is when his customer called up to say his car has a way of detecting his pregnant wife (by flashing out a pregnant belly sign). Confused himself, he asked the customer if he could describe exactly what he sees. “He said there’s a round belly sign with curve marks on either side as protection (amniotic fluid if y’all wondering what that means). I was really confused, then it clicked! I asked him, ‘Sir, do you see anything written above or below it?’ Then he replied ‘there’s ABS written above it’. I tried so hard to not burst out laughing. I explained to him what it meant in the best way possible, though my eyes were tearing up for trying to hold myself from laughing. Until today, that particular story still brings tears to my eyes.”


This is a tragic story. During his time at Lotus, Mr. Edward received a particular customer who complained of a loud crackling sound when he turned on his Lotus after coming back from his foreign trip. “We take this type of matters seriously, so immediately, we sent our team to check it out. Lotus car engines are placed at the boot of the vehicle and this creates a small space between the engine and the luggage space. While he was away, a mother cat has moved her infant kittens in there and when the owner started the car…….. Well, we lost the mother but rest assure, the kittens were all safe. They were sent to a shelter to be taken care of.”


Apparently, cats getting caught in car engines are not a new thing. Vason said he had come across this situation many times himself. What surprised him was that people wouldn’t notice this until they bring their cars up for routine service. “There was this customer, who complained of corpse smell every time she turned on the AC. Of course, later we figured out that there was a dead kitten near the air vent but when we asked how long has she been smelling this, she said: ‘for months now but I decided to get it all checked on my next service’. Well, I guess her smell receptors are immune to dead cats.”

These are just some of their stories from years of experience in this field. Their bittersweet moments helped them master every nook and cranny of this industry. Still, the team’s drive to always learn and explore new things is what makes MyMotor stand out among other dealerships in Malaysia.