Waking up to a brand new day, taking in a deep breath while feeling the fresh air hit your face, feeling refreshed and motivated to only encounter hours of the mundane traffic jam. It is mind-numbing, stressful and overall depressing. Half of the daily drivers have to wake up hours early to just get to work on time. Let’s not forget the number of accidents that occur due to sleepless, tired drivers. Though our government does works on improving roads and placing traffic polices to lower the traffic tension, it is still inevitable. So, while we cannot avoid this, there are plenty of exciting and fun things you could do to keep yourself alert and fresh till you get to work.

1. Catch up on phone calls

Remember that time when you missed your grandma’s call because you were so busy? How about that friend you promised to call and never did because life caught up with you? Now’s the perfect time to do so. They’ll have your undivided attention and at the same time, keep you company throughout your journey.

2. Turn down the radio

Though this may sound absurd, we would suggest having your own kind of music choices saved up. Radio channels are paid to play the latest songs and after one to many time jamming to Havana, you’ll get sick and tired of it, which leaves you mentally exhausted as well. So pack up your pen drive or phone with your choices of music, and hit the road while jamming to that.

3. Read a book

*Gasp*. Before you say how absurd this is, we meant an AUDIOBOOK. There are so many good selections available online and you could listen to it while you face the daily traffic jam. Give it a shot, soon you’ll be addicted to it.

4. Listen to a podcast

Aside from keeping you entertained, these shows are also very informational. Real life people share tips and advice on tasks encountered daily and you will find yourself connecting to most of it.
These are few of the stuff you could do to keep yourself entertained while you’re in a long, tense, traffic jam. While there’s a lot you could do to keep yourself alert, we would like to add a quick note to what NOT to do as well.

  • First up, DON’T cut up on lines. We get it, you have been stuck in the same lane for almost 45minutes. But guess what, so does the people in front of you so please, be a courteous driver.
  • Honking up at other drivers in front of you will not get you any further than where you are so please, DON’T use it unless you really need to.
  • Be considerate of motorcyclists. It is easy to turn a blindsight to these two-wheelers so please when you change your lanes, make sure to spot any oncoming motorcyclists and TURN ON YOUR INDICATOR.
  • Lastly, be mindful of pedestrians. Our country is advance on road safeties and signs yet somehow we fail to follow them. Let us assure you, letting them cross would not take much of your time. Let’s be a courteous driver.